Monday, March 12, 2007

Children's Book Monday

I'm so excited to be joining Elise at A Path Made Straight for Children's Book Monday. Obviously my choices will be geared toward toddlers, mainly a vivacious 20-month old named Ella. Since I've been going to story time at our local library, I'm discovering all kinds of good reads. Of course they display some books and read a couple, and then I also just browse the children's shelves for as long as Ella will allow me. I usually leave w/at least 6 good books for her and 2 for me. Of course, I always have to renew mine...

I have to tell you how much my little girl loves books. Oftentimes the first thing she'll sign now when she wakes up from naps or even in the morning is "book." Even before signing "milk." Now that's what I call a book addiction! During our reading time, she'll often lean back and cross her hands behind her head-lounge baby. And she always wants a book in her hand while nursing as well.

I discovered an easy no-fuss way to get her to go down for naps too. Now I just choose 3 books and place them in her crib w/her. As I shut the door, she's already got one on her lap and is studying each page. Usually by the time she peruses them a few times, she gets tired and goes to sleep.

And I just have to share this story that happened yesterday. Ella was looking at a Publix advertisement for their Preschool Pals. On the front page was a cute, green dinosaur. She suddenly got very excited and started pointing towards the den. "No, Ella, we don't have a dinosaur." But she was persistent, so I carried her into the den. Then she began pointing towards the hall, then into her room. Once there, she directed me to her book shelf. She began pulling out one book after the other, apparently looking for something. Finally, it hit me. About a month ago, she had The Best Pet of All on her shelf. I had checked it out from the library after reading Elise's review. She obviously remembered that dinosaur on the cover and wanted to see him again to prove to me that we do indeed have a dinosaur in our house! It was heartbreaking to have to say, "No, Ella, we don't have that one anymore-it's at the library." Luckily, that seemed to pacify her, and I was left to marvel at my little girl's memory!

Now on to my first review. (Don't worry, I won't have such long introductions all the time!)

Written and Illustrated by Nicola Smee

This is an adorable book. An easy favorite with it's simple but fun storyline and large, bright illustrations. It tells the story of cat, dog, pig, and duck who all want a ride on Mr. Horse. Ella always giggles when Mr. Horse says "Up you get" to each animal's request. After the animals ride for a bit, they ask Mr. Horse to go faster. They eventually fall off in a haystack, but have no fear, no one is injured. Of course they immediately all shout "Again!" And off they go, "Clip-Clop, Clippity-Clop."
I'm sure your toddler will love it as much as mine did! Happy reading!


Elise said...

Eliana will love this - horses are her favorite!
Ella sounds delightful, and I'm so glad she loves to read! She's blessed with a mama who loves it as well!
Thanks for joining the fun! :)

rcsnickers said...

Okay, where to start! I love your new layout. Warm, relaxing, nice tone. Very glad you are going to do book reviews as well. You are talented in writing and will do an exceptional job! You know I will have to get this book for Little Mama -- she adores horse!

Ella is too sweet!

Labels: I have been thinking hard of what labels to use. Are you going to label your older posts?
Maybe when we get DSL I will... maybe.


Laura said...

Elise-you're welcome. Hope Eliana will love it!
Letisha, Thanks!
Re: labels, I don't think I'll go back and do all my older posts-it takes too much time. Unless there's a faster way I don't know about. I just think I'll keep up w/it from now on; it will make things easier for me to find something particular and for visitors to my site. Hope you'll get DSL soon! :-)

Emily said...

Looks like fun! I'll put this one on my list. :)

Elizabeth said...

Loved your review! AND the intro is my favorite part, so don't tone it down. I love horses and horse books: especially with the noises! Keep the reviews coming@

Laura said...

Thanks Liz! And Em, do you already have a running list of books you want for your baby? That's a good idea-there are so many good ones. Of course, for younger babies, board books are the best. I'd be glad to recommend some to you if you need any more ideas-then you could start your wish list on Amazon for baby. :-)

Tracy said...

I'm so glad to read that you are raising a reader! I have 4 children, and we all enjoy reading, the exception being my husband. I guess reading was never introduced to him as a child. That's so... important. Cute story about the dinosaur, BTW.
Thanks for visiting my site, as well. I love new visitors!

bluemountainmama said...

so great that your daughter already loves books so much! that's something that's invaluable.

storytime is my favorite time of day with my son.....curled up together on the couch or in his bed reading all sorts of adventures. we're on our second round of "peter pan".

Nene said...

I loved your review! What a cute dinosaur story...she knew exactly what she was talking about! :)

Emily said...

Laura...great idea, creating a wishlist on Amazon. Yes, I'd love to get recommendations from you!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while on a rabbit trail. Very nice! I love your daughter's daughter is Ellen and is soon to graduate high school. Lovely name forms. :o)