Monday, March 26, 2007

Children's Book Monday

This will be my last post for awhile. I'll miss posting, but I'll enjoy the time I will now have to do other things.

The Lord gave me a wonderful confirmation this past weekend of our decision to move near Will's folks in the "country". We went to see my folks and spent the day Saturday at my Granny's and then my Aunt's house. They live just like we will-a country setting, and a quiet, simpler life-and they're also just a stone's throw from each other. Well, I can't tell you how much fun Ella had. She was getting hot in her overalls, so eventually stripped down to just her diaper, and then to her birthday suit. And can you believe it....our dainty, little "I-don't-ever-like-to-be-dirty" girl played in the dirt and loved it! She scooped up dirt into a bowl, then she just started picking it up with her hands and throwing it on her feet or into the air. It was so lovely to watch. And I just kept thinking that soon she'll be able to play like this every day. God is good.

Now with a little sadness, I begin my last review...

The Little Sleepyhead

Story by Fran Manushkin
Pictures by Leonid Gore

A long time ago, when the world was so young that all the rocks were little pebbles and all the chicks were still in their eggs, there lived a Little Sleepyhead.

So begins this delightful tale of little sleepyhead who plays all day and at night is very, very tired but can't find anywhere to sleep. He sees the squirrels sleeping in the trees, so he decides to try that. "He closed his eyes, but did he sleep?" No, too bumpy. He sees the frogs sleeping on lily pads; maybe I can try that he thinks. "But did he," he fell in the water. This refrain is repeated with various animals until he finally finds the perfect resting spot and the perfect animal to cuddle with for a wonderful night's sleep. I can't give it away-you'll just have to go check it out of the libary for yourself. With the soft, pastel illustrations, I think your toddler will love it!


Elise said...

It is with sadness that I read your last review...
But this sounds delightful! Thanks for sharing it! :)
(And I'm so glad the Lord gave you more confirmation - Princess Ella and dirt - what a wonderful combination!)

Kelly said...

This sounds like such a wonderful book!

Blessings on your move! We are in the process of remodeling a home on 8 acres we bought last year--we hope to be in around June. We are seeking a more simple pace.

Jennifer said...

The book sounds really sweet. The playing outdoors sounds great too.

Nene said...

Gracie loves being outside and playing in the dirt, too. She hauls around her little bucket and shovel. Her favorite part is our driveway...she loves picking up the rocks and loading down her pockets with them! So glad y'all had such a nice visit with family!

Laura said...

Thanks, y'all. Hope you will enjoy the read!

Karanena, sorry Gracie has been sick-I know that's no fun at all. Praying for a speedy recovery. Ella loves rocks too-my mom has a rock bed by her steps and Ella kept picking them up and then laying them out on the steps..."one, two, three." Of course, she can't say the numbers that clearly, but we understand her. She's got "two" down pat, though-except she says it like she's a little French girl! And I'm sure I'll be seeing you lots once we move-we won't be that far away and Ella and Gracie will be great playmates, I'm sure!

Elizabeth said...

So sad, and yet so happy for you. I will genuinely miss your blogs as I have learned so much from you and am enriched by your blog, but completely understand. I'm going to miss the one person I can count on to comment and respond to all my blogging, but I can't wait to be closer to you and spend time in person together! Love you! Congrats!

Nene said...

Thanks, Laura! Gracie picks up all illnesses (then gives them to me, the sweet child)!

It's funny you mentioned that Ella sounds like a little French girl. My niece sounds the same way. Everything she says has a little French cute!

I, too will miss your blog so much, but understand. I hope we can see each other when you all get settled in! I can't wait :) Take care and you'll be in my prayers.

Cari said...

Sounds like a cute book!

I hope you have a smooth move to the country. I have a dream of moving nearer to my family in central California (the country). Congratulations!

Emily said...

What a sweet book...thanks for this review! I'm really going to miss checking in on your blog and reading about Ella antics to brighten my day. :( We'll stay in touch though and I'll be praying for the decisions of the next few months. Love you all so.