Monday, March 19, 2007

Children's Book Monday

I'm sorry I haven't written since last Monday; a lot has been going on. Actually I may not be posting much longer but that's another story. I'll be writing a post on that later this week to explain. (No, I'm not pregnant.) We have a lot of decisions to make in the near future, so right now if you could just be in prayer, we'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Now on to the review!

No More Diapers for Ducky
Story by Bernette Ford
Pictures by Sam Williams

The story time leader read this a few weeks ago, and I immediately thought "Yay, maybe this will convince Ella to use her potty!" She does sit on it a lot more now (even w/no clothes on-which she used to be afraid to do), but as of yet, no actual pottying has occured. Regardless, the book is such a fun read; the pictures are simple and adorable. First Ducky comes to Piggy's house; Piggy's there but is in the bathroom. Ducky knocks on the door. I always knock on the book at this point and Ella loves it! "I can't come out now-I'm on the potty," Piggy says. So Ducky plays with Piggy's toys and reads his books while she's waiting on him. Later, Ducky realizes her diaper feels wet and cold and wriggles out of it and kicks it across the floor. I know this could pose a problem-but as of yet, Ella hasn't taken any diapers off (except for this incident a long time ago and that was way before Ducky book). Ducky knocks again. "I have to use the potty." "You can't use the potty; you wear diapers, says Piggy." "Not anymore," says Ducky." The last page shows Ducky on the potty reading a book. A delightful read regardless of your child's potty-training status. :-) Happy reading!


Elise said...

First of all, I will add you to my morning prayers - I really hope you can keep blogging, but more importantly, that you can make it through these difficult decisions you have coming up! (((Laura)))
And of course, the book is delightful! Love those story hours at the library! :)

chickadee said...

this is just what we need right now. i am potty training my 2 year old son. i'm going to put it on our library list.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the post! I was wondering about your blogging: you're in my prayers always: usually as a thanks for my precious friend, but now more so. Keep us posted, and if you need anything, please email me. Love you!

rcsnickers said...

Laura !!!! Your are and have been in our prayers. Hope everything is okay. May God give you wisdom and direction!

Thanks for the book review. We got the Clip Clop and Little Mama LOVED it! We will get this one next time!


Emily said...

I missed your posts. I hope everything is okay and please know I'll be praying for you. Love you Chickee.
And thanks for the new book to add to my list. :)

Nene said...

Loved your review! I hope everything works out...y'all are in my prayers as you make these important decisions!

Just wanted to let you know that we had a similar diaper incident right before Gracie's first birthday. I didn't know little girls could be so yucky!! :) Since then, I NEVER put her down for a nap or bedtime without something covering her diaper!!