Monday, February 18, 2008

We Have Eggs!

How delighted we were to find 3 eggs in the chicken house today! Penny is now offically laying again. These first eggs were more oblong than round-interesting. Hopefully she'll be making lots more soon. (Peepers doesn't seem to lay eggs; the previous owners said she laid only one egg one time.)


Emily said...

There's something cool about getting "free" food from your own yard and your own animals. You know they're healthy and happy and haven't been treated with antibiotics or anything weird. You officially have a farm at least in my book :D
Ella is just getting prettier and prettier! I love this picture of her...little farm girl!

Elizabeth said...

I too think Ella looks so pretty! She's growing up so fast!
I was in charge of collecting the eggs growing up and loved the chickens. So glad Ella can do it.
How are you feeling? Still praying for you and Icee.

Elise said...

Eggs- hooray! She's so gorgeous, Laura. Just like *you*! :)

I wanted you to know that I'm praying for you as you battle strange symptoms and, of course, fear. Take everything to Him, dare to hope and dream- He is big enough to pick up the pieces, and He is definitely big enough to do all things well!

Looking forward to an update... and maybe a baby ticker on here. (Lilypie is the cutest!) Love to you!

Laura said...

Yes, Em,it is cool and now we have added more-she's laying about one every day.

Liz-thanks for praying-still feeling quite nauseated and huge. :-)

Thanks, Elise-I took your suggestion and put up a baby ticker from Lilypie.
And thank you for your prayers.

Stacy said...


EGGS!! Fun! We love the fresh eggs our hens give us, too. :) It is a highlight for our kiddos to go and collect them.


family1st said...

boy I am slow... I did not even realize the reunion was this coming weekend. I was thinking the summer for some reason ... anyway... you are going? oh I wish we could go and see everyone and their kids! Let me know all about it and take lots of pictures!!!!!! Glad you are going.

rcsnickers said...

opps, that was me not Daniel!

rcsnickers said...

realized I commented on the wrong post,.... I am talking about the bju 10 yr reunion for our class! Amazing it has been that long already. We are not going, but very excited to get the memory book. That is an awesome idea. Will be fun to see everyone in it!