Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feeling Normal Again

Monday and Tuesday I felt like I was carrying around four or five bricks in my stomach-no joke. I felt 9 months pregnant (looked at least 3) and had gas, belching, indigestion, cramping. Ugghh-it was awful. I was worried at first (b/c of the cramping-sometimes it really hurt, most of the times, a dull ache-but never on just one side) but I didn't have any spotting at all. I'm only 5.5 weeks and it's questionable if a heartbeat would be detected on an ultrasound right now, so I thought it pointless to go to a new doc. Instead I opted to pray w/my hubby, rest (as much as is possible w/an active 2 year old), and forgo my exercise for a couple days.

"Chase me, Mommy." Jog? Are you kidding? I couldn't even walk at a normal rate. I was holding my tummy like a lady ready to go in labor. Not so much b/c of pain but b/c of the pressure and But praise the Lord, this morning, I woke up and felt immensely better (only 1-2 bricks now). And I SOOOO enjoyed my lunch today (baked potato w/cheese, butter, sour cream, bacon crumbles, and taco meat [venison, of course]). That last part may sound weird, but that MADE the potato, let me tell you. :-) And I even worked out-still can't jog yet, just a nice walk, not even that brisk, but enough for now.

I was encouraged by Elise's comment when I checked my blog yesterday-to be thankful for every pregnancy symptom-my problem was I had none of these feelings w/Ella (at least not all at the same time), so it got me worried. I've heard every pregnancy is different-now I know.

So, I'm more hopeful that everything's okay. I'm considering scheduling an ultrasound around 8 weeks to hear the heartbeat, Lord willing, but that will mean a new doctor (and telling? the doctor, "No I really don't plan on using you, I just want this ultrasound for my peace of mind.") Not sure that will go over well. Not to mention everything's out of pocket this time (have health insurance but no maternity coverage). Then there's the question of should I have an ultrasound when it's not medically necessary? I did w/Ella-twice (1st time to put my mind at ease at 8 wks, 2nd time to find out the sex around 20 weeks)-but am now rethinking the subject. Sooo.....still not sure about that 8 week ultrasound. I might just have to be patient and wait until the midwife I choose (please pray for wisdom) can detect the heartbeat w/her doppler at around 12 weeks.

By the way, our baby's name, while in utero, is Icee. Do you like it? Ella thought of it all by herself. And "his" EDD is Oct. 6. This morning Ella kissed my tummy and said, "Feel better, Icee. Get prize. Milk prize."
Then to me, "Icee pops out, gets milk prize. First this side, then that side." :-)

Hopefully soon, I'll get around to posting some recipes, since Liz and Emily have done their fair share for awhile.

I'll probably post a dessert first....


Amy said...

Congratulations on your exciting news, Laura and Will. I am and will be praying for you. Love, Amy

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling bad. I'll keep praying hard for all your choices. Are you drinking enough water? I'm glad you're resting.
By the way, you in no way looked 3 months pregnant on Saturday...
Love you!
And, yes, dessert would be great!

Emily said...

I don't remember feeling as full as you describe, but I definitely had the yucky crampy feelings. Sounds like you are having some food cravings, too! We'll be praying that everything goes well...for your health and Icee's! I love Ella's view of things!
We'll be praying too for your decision on ultrasounds and doctor. My advice would be find a big impersonal practice, then switch over...they'll never notice! :D

rcsnickers said...

I am constantly praying and thinking of your. I know how it is to worry during the first trimester! I hope you feel better.

I have to laugh at Emily's doctor suggestion... otherwise, I would just wait. But I have a different experience than you and so I just wait! sounds funny when I read that because I am really not a patient person! :) just ask my kids...

rcsnickers said...

forgot: dessert recipes PLEASE!!!!! :) What could be better?

Laura said...

Thank you all for your prayers-and Amy, so good to hear from you!
Liz, yes, drinking lots of water-I'm craving it even more now. :-)
Em-your advice is probably true, but I don't know if I want to go to all the trouble. Paperwork, paperwork, answering a zillion questions, blood work and more blood work, etc.
Letisha-I shall TRY to wait. :-)

Elise said...

Oh, friend, I am praying for peace and wisdom for you.

I think I would wait... wait on Him. If you were to make an appointment, it wouldn't change anything- what will be, will be. (btw- I didn't go to the doctor until I was twelve weeks with Eliana- it was hard, but fun because I *for sure* got to hear the heartbeat! And then with my miscarriage, I didn't go until twelve weeks either, and we know how that ended... so either way, God is in control and will sustain you!)

I think you were fighting some kind of bug- perhaps accentuated by being in early pregnancy! Keep drinking lots, resting lots, and eating well, and before you know it, the weeks will pass and you'll have an appointment with a midwife who will let you hear the heartbeat... I can't wait! :) (((Laura)))