Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Relieved!

I am thanking God again and again because I was finally able to hear from my midwife this evening. I emailed her 2 weeks ago and then called her and left a message w/her receptionist last week but still heard nothing. I started rereading over my email-did I say something to offend her or was she just extremely busy? Thankfully it was the latter. She's delivered 10 babies in 2 weeks, so needless to say she's been sleep-deprived and way behind on emails and calls. She put my mind at ease re: the whole crazy weight gain/bloating thing. She said she's had lots of moms to call in w/their 2nd pregnancy saying, "I must be having twins; I'm huge already." But she said that just happens to some people w/their 2nd (or 3rd)-and it's usually not twins. Also, she said w/my temps being lower at the beg. of January, I'm probably not further along. And the best news of all-she said she'd try to see me the Sat. we're up that way for my 10 year college reunion (I'm getting old!) I'm ever so glad; I'll be one day shy of 12 weeks then and am hoping we'll hear a heartbeat!

We talked a little bit about the logistics of having her as my midwife again-it is almost a 3 hour drive but she said she'd be willing to see us on Fridays (she's off on Fridays) since that is when Will could get off work early to drive me there. (I really don't like driving "long" distances by myself. I know to some of you-like Letisha-3 hours is like 30 minutes, but for me, it's long.) Obviously if I choose to go w/her, I'll have to leave at my first contraction to make sure I make it in time. With Ella I got there at 8 cm. dilated (but only had to drive 30 min. that time.) Which reminds me...I need to post Ella's birth story soon.

I plan on going w/Kimberly to see her midwife this week or next. (No, Kimberly's not pregnant; she just wants to visit her and let her see how much Jonathan has grown.) Amy recommends her too-it's just hard to switch when you so like your current midwife. And I guess my story's a little strange-most people don't bond that much with their midwife/doctor but Amy's been so much more. She runs a birthing and family wellness center so she saw Ella for well baby visits up until we moved. Any time I had questions (like the time I thought Ella had swallowed one of my B-complex vitamins), I could beep her day or night and she'd call me right back. Then there was this time that I was so thankful I had Amy. So, you see, she's more than just my midwife, she's a dear family friend. As of now, she doesn't think she could do a homebirth for me (which is what I really want) b/c she no longer has Dr. Artis's help. (She was needed back at the hospital; they had a shortage.) Perhaps she'll have help again by October and then she may be able to do it. Otherwise it would be at a birthing center again. Which is not bad at all, just not my home. Lisa, Kimberly's midwife, may be willing to do a homebirth, so I'll ask her about that. She just opened up this birthing center though, so she's moving away from homebirths.

So, all this to say, I'd appreciate your prayers as we try to make a decision in the next few weeks. Thank you all for your encouragement.


Elizabeth said...

So happy you are seeing her this weekend! I'm happy that you are interviewing a closer one as well. I'll keep praying for you and all of your decisions. Keep us updated.
Miss you!

Goodlikeamedicine said...

I came over when I had a chance today after you left a comment... I see that you already knew where the birthing center was - great!

Also, I have this bloating problem, too. It is really difficult! This is my fourth baby / pregnancy, and I am much bigger and was bigger at 6 weeks than you are, so don't worry. I am really small, like you, and I think having a small tummy before childbearing plays a huge factor in this. You get stretched so much from the first pregnancy that you just feel and look so bloated in subsequent ones. I'm not even 30 yet, and It's kind of sad when I look in the mirror...but I am really laying it at God's feet and being with content with how I will look for the rest of my life and thankful for the rewards of beautiful children! I hope you get to meet Lisa and tell her I said hello - she will likely tell you about this website if you've never seen it! Wow, it changed my perspective and opened my eyes!

God bless you and remember it's normal for small tummies to stretch a lot! :)

Erin said...

Well yah, it could be bloating. OR it could be twins LOL happened to me :) I need to meet Lisa... maybe you can introduce me this summer? I'm starting to try to make contacts for setting up an apprenticeship in a few years. So do you prefer a homebirth over birth center?

Laura said...

Liz, actually I don't see her until March 22 when I'll be in the upstate for my reunion. Sorry if that was confusing. And thank you for your prayers.

Kristi-thank you, thank you, thank you, for your reassurance about the bloating-I'm sorry that you're bigger than I am but sooo glad that someone else knows what it's like. :-) And thanks, that link did help.

Erin, sure, if I in fact do meet/use her, I'm sure you'll be accompanying me on a prenatal visit this summer. :-) And yes, I so prefer a homebirth for this one (can't really compare them as I've only had the one obviously) but just feel like I would be even more relaxed and have even a better birth if there were no transferring involved. And we do have such a serene, peaceful setting out here-I just think it would be ideal. And especially for Ella-whoever watches her could have 4 acres to run around on (weather permitting) instead of being cooped up in a small waiting room. I so want her there for the actual birth but would rather her not be in earshot for all the loud beast-like noises that precede it. :-)

rcsnickers said...

I hope you get the homebirth this time! As for Ella being afraid of the noises, I don't think you will have a problem. Do you have any videos for her to see to prepare her? Rachel and Eliana both saw their siblings born and thought nothing of it except excitement!

Wouldn't it be neat if you were having twins? :)