Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I finally figured out how to get my pictures to post beneath my writing, and I got around to updating my profile picture. Also, I'm trying to write with capitals now-very hard to get used to doing again. Not sure how long it will last; it takes twice as long to type this way! I also figured out how to change my font size, so it's easier to read now. Yay! Now, about Ella-here are some of her latest favorite activities to do:

1. Get down from any location (i.e. back down from a chair, couch, bed). She gets the happiest look on her face when she does it.

2. Take all Mommy's clean clothes out of the laundry basket one at a time and scatter them on the floor. Choose one that she likes the best (tank tops are a favorite) and drag it across the kitchen floor.

3. Throw items out of her crib to get our attention.

4. Take a big girl bath! She's been reclined in a "newborn sling thing" in her baby bath tub until now-just a few days ago, I decided to take it off and let her try sitting up in her bath tub. She loved it-splashed around, played w/her water toys. Mommy got soaked of course, but we had fun!

5. Get to a standing position all by herself (w/out pulling up on anything) and remain there for as long as 30 seconds before falling down. I'm sure steps are coming soon...

Here's a pic of Ella taken at the park-it was her first time in a swing and she loved it!


Fit said...

So cute! Ella really has quite the repertoire of tricks. :) -Em

Fit said...

Oops, I was logged in under my exercise/food journal. Jeff says it is the most boring blog ever written :) -Em

Fit said...

ok...still am :)