Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ella's Playdate!

on thursday, ella (who just turned 11 months tuesday!) enjoyed a playdate w/kurtis (who will be 14 months june 4). first tammi (a longtime friend from college) and i met at atlanta bread company where i managed to eat more than she did, even though she is 5 months pregnant w/her 2nd boy! then we went back to her house so the kids could "play." ella enjoyed biting and chewing on all of kurtis' toys-she even managed to bite a number off of a toy phone and almost swallowed it-luckily i caught it in time-crazy child; she bites everything! kurtis, on the other hand, doesn't have this extreme teething problem-he actually plays more w/the toys and is even walking now! it's soooo cute to watch! i can't wait until ella can walk. she cruises more now and even stands alone for about 5-10 seconds at a time but hasn't made the big leap yet. kurtis was very good with ella-at one point he handed her a car she had dropped, and he didn't even fuss when she tried to grab a toy out of his hands. i think kurtis was even sad to see her go, though they were both ready for their naps. boosie, in fact, slept most of the way home, woke briefly for a feeding, and then slept several more hours. i guess all that "playing" wore her out. i can't wait until they can get together again. it will be exciting to see ella actually play more the older she gets.


Sib said...

I love the pictures!! Ella is such a cutie! It's neat to see little kids interact. :)
Hmm....does this count as Ella's first boyfriend? :) Em

Laura said...

maybe so...would be funny if they started dating in the future, huh? had a great time w/you guys today-thanks again for helping out-i'm so excited about the flowers! :-)