Sunday, June 11, 2006

YAY for Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeff!

i'm ashamed to admit it, but yesterday was my first time ever planting flowers! the owners before us planted lots of lilies, but we haven't done anything until now. emily and jeff came over and brought lots of garden soil and plants with them. we planted annuals, wildflowers, sweet williams, and a rose bush! it was soooo thoughtful of them to do that for us. em and i planted some near sammie's spot, some by the deck, and the rose bush in front of the screen porch. jeff helped will tremendously by getting the groundwork done for screening the porch and even got one panel done before they had to leave. will did 2 more panels last night, so it's on its way. our goal is to have it finished by ella's b-day which is june 30-keep your fingers crossed! ella greatly enjoyed aunt emily's music and wanted to try to make some of her own, as you can see from these pics. we're so sad they're moving to atlanta (lawrenceville actually) but at least it's not that far away, and as a bonus for will, it's also home to bass pro shop!


Sib said...

Those are cute pictures! Though I look like my eyes are closed in all of them :) That was so much fun...glad we could spend some time with you guys! Em

Laura said...

but you're still adorable-even w/your eyes shut. :-) yes, it was lots of fun. let me know when you need help moving!