Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

We had a wonderful day today. Boosie and I got Daddy a reference Bible for his gift and he loved it. He's been needing a new one forever. Boosie also "made" him a card which thanked him for crawling w/her all over the house, putting ice in her sippy cup because it feels good on her gums, and of course for working so hard so Mommy can stay at home with her. I am so thankful that Will is an involved father-he's changed his fair share of diapers and helped soothe Ella many times. He's also great about taking Ella for walks around the neighborhood (which she loves), even when I can't go with them. Below are some cute pics taken today-the first one after eating a little bit of Da-Da's banana-what a face! and the last of the two hunters on our soon-to-be finished screened porch. Since camouflage is Will's favorite color, I thought Ella should wear hers on his special day. And can you believe that even with the lace details, she still got mistaken for a boy several times at church?...of course you can-we all know she looks just like her Daddy, so wearing camo certainly doesn't help bring out her feminine features. :-) Oh well-I'm sure the mistaken identity will get better as her hair grows more and more...speaking of hair, we've noticed some red tints in it-interesting, huh? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Sib said...

What a great smile, from both daddy and Ella. :) -Em