Friday, June 23, 2006

I Love Doggies!

I just had to write today to share what cute thing Ella did this morning. As you know, Ella loves dogs-she's even adopted one in the neighborhood whom we call "B.B." because it looks so much like my old dog, Brittany. Whenever we take her for a walk in her stroller and she gets on B.B.'s street, she'll pull herself up and start looking around for her. So....this morning, I was watching the Today Show while eating my breakfast, and Ella was crawling around the den. They had a short segment on "Bring your dog to work day" and had 3 adorable dogs up for adoption. Well, Ella first heard the dogs barking and then looked up at the T.V. and saw them. She immediately crawled over to the set, pulled herself up and started touching the screen. She did this for about a minute before getting disinterested, presumably b/c they weren't licking her fingers. Isn't that just too cute?


rcsnickers said...
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rcsnickers said...

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