Friday, June 30, 2006


Today was a big day for our little Ella. She turned 1 year old-we can't believe it! Has it been that long since we first held our little angel in our arms? It truly has flown by. We've enjoyed watching her grow and learn new things every day. She's been such a blessing-I don't know how we survived without her. Thank you, God, for such a treasure.
Gama, Ganpa, MeMa, Aunt Cherie, and Candace came up today to celebrate with us. (We're going to see Will's folks tomorrow at the 4th picnic at Dinkins Mill in Sumter.) We had hamburgers, corn on the cob, chips, cupcakes, and icecream. Ella tried some corn-I picked pieces off for her-and seemed to like it okay. Later, after eating her 1st cupcake, she had her 2nd bath of the day. We got her a new inflatable tub-much bigger than the tub she had before. She can play and splash lots and greatly enjoys it. After her bath, she opened some wonderful gifts. One I was soooo thankful for was the Baby Spring Canopy Float-I'd been looking all over for that-I desperately wanted her to have shade in the pool as she burns so easily. Babies-R-Us advertises it but they never have it in stock. So, yay! now we're ready for our vacation. Thank you, Aunt Cherie and Candace. She got a Clemson bib and PJ's from MeMa, and a LeapFrog Piano, Clemson outfit, Strawberry Shortcake ball (just the right size for her), and money from Gama and Ganpa. She's enjoyed banging on the piano a lot tonight! Mommy and Daddy got her clothes and a corn popper. She's also going to get a swing put up in the back yard soon. She didn't know what to do with all the gifts-we tried to let her open them-but she would just pull the bow offs and then throw them aside-figuring that was the prize, I guess. She was also tired, so that didn't help anything. In fact, she was so tired while we were eating (normally her nap time)-that she kept rubbing her eyes-that's how she got so dirty in that last cupcake picture. It got in her hair and everything-fun, fun! I don't think she liked to be dirty though, she kept looking at her fingers like she was thinking, "Something isn't right here." Well, she finally got to take her normal 2:00 nap at 5:30 and slept for 2.5 hours before waking up. She ended her birthday on a great note by watching a deer video with Daddy. Oh, and she got her teeth brushed for the first time tonight (w/flouride-free toothpaste and her very own tiny brush). Previously, I had just been cleaning her teeth w/ a wet washcloth-after all she's not eating much solids besides crackers. Anywho...considering that she'll be eating more solids now, she already has 8 teeth, and she did eat lots of chocolate today, I figured it was time. Well, surprise, surprise-she loved it! She just laughed and laughed-hopefully, that will last! More pictures of the birthday girl to come. By the way, here's the rhyme that was on her invite:
From 7 lbs. 11.5 ounces
To our 20 lb. girl who always bounces.
Miss Ella Grace has really grown up,
And now can drink from a sippy cup.
Please join us for a time of fun,
As we celebrate turning ONE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for fixing this where I can comment. Congratulations for making it one year with your sweet angel. She is adorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLA!


Anonymous said...

Glad y'all had a good birthday celebration, Laura. Happy Birthday, Ella!!


Laura said...

Thanks for wishing Miss Ella a Happy B-Day! Love you both!