Monday, June 19, 2006

Yard Sale!

We had a neighborhood yard sale Saturday and did fairly well. We made $275 and got rid of lots of dust-collecting items around the house. Yay! Now maybe Ella won't sneeze quite so much. When Ella finally woke up around 10 a.m. (we're so shocked we didn't wake her rummaging through things and setting up at 7 a.m.), I fed her and then she came outside and hung out with Daddy under the shade tree. She enjoyed seeing all the different people come by and and had lots of fun with our next door neighbors' kids, Anna Leigh and Katie Beth, who unfortunately will be moving soon.
A not so good thing about the yard sale-Ella got her first sunburn-not too bad-just pink cheeks and forehead-at least we know now to slather her with lotion, even if she is under the shade. Poor baby-she takes after her fair-skinned Mommy, who got burned worse than she did, as I was out in the sun the whole time.

"Happy times in the shade!"

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