Sunday, June 11, 2006

Visit w/ Aunt Cherie and Me-Ma

last weekend we went to aiken for my step-sister sally's wedding. it was beautiful; unfortunately i forgot to take my camera to the wedding, so i don't have any pics of that to share. we were doing good just to get there on time-we already had to circle back to aunt cherie's to pick up the gift; then when we arrived i realized ugh! no camera. it's amazing how much more you have to pack and think about w/ just 1 baby! anywho, we had fun staying w/aunt cherie who lives right up the path from granny's (me-ma). ella was fascinated w/ aunt cherie's new dog zoe and also enjoyed the porch swing. me-ma had fun making her laugh w/the "i'm going to walk the cat to catch the mouse" game, and ella loved her new teething toy-mema's walking cane. candace (cousin) enjoyed bouncing ella on aunt cherie's exercise ball; that thing works great for abs-i need to get one. oh, this was ella's first time sleeping in her portacrib and she did great! much better than in her playpen. we're so relieved b/c the portacrib is what we're taking on our vacation to harbor island in july.

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